15 November, 2018

Was going to go to my favorite beach today, but need to be out of the apartment tomorrow, so I postponed. Instead I went on a walk to the burrito place and I didn’t change my mind this time. Had the steak and shrimp burrito … very tasty! They threw me when they said they had fanta to drink, so I ordered it, and then they asked if I wanted fresa o naranja. I had no idea fanta had a strawberry flavored drink! Nope, stayed with the orange!

Had to again stop and get a bag of malvaviscos too … crazy little marshmallows! They’re so very soft when you buy them at the factory! And walking past the panadaria, I DID stop and bought a pan dulce! Eight pesos! It was good … layers of pastry with one thin layer domed over the rest. No filling, but the top layer had been sugared and the contrast was nice. Will be stopping in again!

Before I left, I finished off last nights chicken and rice. I had a bag of salsa in the fridge from the ceviche last week, so I added a little. Crazy hot. HOT HOT. And lots of chili seeds, which (tmi – change the channel now!) could replace the liquid the doctors make you drink before a colonoscopy. I swear, it wasn’t habañero orange, and I only used a little, but as I was climbing the stairs to my apartment it hit. Bad. Sweating and goosebumps (in addition to the cramping) bad. Note to self: no eating that salsa again! Did the happy dance I wasn’t on the beach today!

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