16 November, 2018

I made it to the beach Friday! Woooo! La Isla de la Piedra is amazing, especially in the morning before the normal tourist crowds arrive.

Left the house about 9:00 am, to the panga by 9:20, and was walking down the beach by 9:30! The sand was full of something that resembled gold glitter (mica? ground shell?)! Every time the surf would wash over it, the whole area would shimmer – it was beautiful.

I’m usually the first customer at my favorite place (Lety’s). They’re far enough from the entrance to the beach that first time tourists usually stop before getting there, and they’re about mid-point for a nice walk. The waiters at Lety’s always run out to meet the people walking past and try to steer them into the restaurant. I have to tell them I’ll be back in a half hour or so because I want to finish my walk. This time I watched their routine. They actually went pretty far down the beach, snagging tourists that would have stopped at the closer joints! It was funny, but hey – a tip is a tip, and you don’t feed your family by watching customers go to other restaurants!

Had my standard two beers and a tostada Lety’s (shrimp and octopus ceviche), as well as an empanada de piña from one of the beach vendors (20 pesos – and this one had a lot of filling). Chatted for a moment with a couple of other tables – both from the USA. One woman was from Mt. Vernon, just up the road from Seattle!

By noon the beach starts to get busy, and my enjoyment of the surf begins to wane with the addition of tourist noise, so I usually pack it in and head home around then. The panga had just pulled away from the dock as I approached, but he saw me and came back – really nice of him to do! And I only had to wait about 5 minutes for my bus once I was back to the Mazatlán side of the world.

My life is just a living hell. I don’t know how I’ll ever survive! Lol.

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