18 November, 2018

I’ve done something to my neck. I did it a few days ago, and I keep thinking it’ll get better – but it hasn’t. I can move my head up and down just fine, but side to side only goes an inch in each direction without pain that defies even a vicodin. I’m sure it’s because I have a tablet computer on a side table in the bedroom that I watch tv on as I drift off to sleep. My head is on scrunched up pillows at a full tilt. When I wake my head + neck are frozen in place. The extra strength acetominophin seems to help, so tonight I’ll take one and make sure that I’m not on a pile of scrunched pillow, and that my head doesn’t turn to watch the screen. We’ll see in a couple of days if I regain my range of motion.

Today is the last day of buen fin. México’s version of Black Friday. I want to get a dvd player, so I braved the crowds. It was crazy town inside the stores! Savings were NOT good (around 20%, and being the last day not everything was in stock), so I decided I will wait a few weeks and try again. I could just bring one down from Seattle – that might be the more realistic option.

After the stressful shopping, I decided I was going to do my LONG walk. The one from my apartment, to el Faro. NOT up el Faro, but down to the base. It’s a nice walk, and it almost gets me to my 10,000 steps. So – off I went, trudging to Olas Altas, up the hill to La Marea restaurant, where I decided I needed to cool down with a michelada and a little ceviche! Then around the corner and a walk along the surf on Paseo Centenario. It was extra nice out today – in the low/mid 80’s, nice breeze, and just a few clouds in the sky.

I really have to add this walk to my routine. Maybe I can do it the day before a cruise ship shift so I’m in decent shape to walk the 20k steps!

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