5 December, 2018

Yesterday was a double cruise ship day! About 7,000 passengers and crew – and it looked like most of them came into town!

No funky questions about where to find chewing tobacco this week; but I did have two groups I had to point in the opposite direction of travel for the destination they wanted. Both groups said someone had told them to go in the wrong direction. Handed out several of my maps from my stash as well.

Part of my route is the Mercado Pino Suarez, the main market in Mazatlán. It’s one of the attractions the tourists visit, but I rarely get any questions from people who are there. I think they’re so overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle in the market that they don’t even notice there’s someone around who can answer a question, or point them to the nearest baño (5 pesos! Have it handy!). I would drop it from my rounds, but *I* like to go there, and when I’m wrapping up my day I make it the last stop and do a little grocery shopping.

Yesterday I hit my 10,000 steps after not too long into my shift, so I decided to take a little break and have lunch in the mercado. I’d seen a facebook video on Tony’s Burgers and hadn’t tried them yet, so I popped over and ordered a burger combo 1 (comes with fries) and a límonada. For those who want to know, Tony’s is in one of the corners in the Mercado, and has a pretty long counter to sit at – it’s fairly easy to find. Burger came before the límonada, so I looked around. One of the women behind the counter was slicing and juicing límons! The juice went into a blender with some ice, and OH MY GOD. I get límonada occasionally – but I’ve NEVER had any that was this good! A little tequila and it would have been fantastic! And it’s 30 pesos ($1.50 usd) for a liter! I’m definitely going to start alternating between my usual horchata and the límonada! And when I gave them 200 pesos for the meal, they gave me 105 back in change. Burger combo was 80. Límonada 30. I though they’d shorted themselves a few pesos, but they told me the combo comes with a refresco so they adjusted the price since I ‘upgraded’ to a límonada. Nice!

Trip to Guadalajara this Friday to Monday – will be nice to get away, and I’ll be in the same hotel I stayed in when I escaped the hurricane, so I’m a little familiar with the area 🙂 Treated myself to some shrimp ceviche tonight (the marisqueria was PACKED so I brought it home) … Mmmmmm!

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