6 December, 2018

I ventured out around 10:30 am today on a trip to my bank to get funds for tomorrow’s Guadalajara excursion.  I bank at Intercam.  They’re not a really large bank, but they have branches in both Mazatlán and Puerto Vallarta so I’m good where I live, and where I like to vacation.  They also open accounts for non-residents, so if you’re a frequent flyer to México but use the tourist visa each time, you can still open an account.

I debated on walking or taking the bus, and decided to do the latter.  Intercam is on the Avenida del Mar across from the malecón.  It’s not close to my apartment.  In concession to the lazy bus taking, I decided I’d walk from the bank to the Soriana (old Mega) grocery store and pick up my favorite cheese.  I swear, each Soriana is different.  One will carry beach furniture, and another will have the cheese I like.  Still no favorite cheese at this one – but they DO have an aisle with imported items, so I was able to find a jar of curry powder!  Woo hoo!  Another option to my ‘101 ways to prepare chicken’ repertoire!

Checked my watch and it was now 11:40.  My favorite lunch joint in the Gold Zone, La Cocina de Ana, isn’t too far from Soriana and thinking of it made my tummy start to rumble!  La Cocina de Ana is a local place tucked away on a street that doesn’t get a lot of foot traffic.  They are extremely popular with locals who work in the area and with the ex-pat/snowbirds that live in the Gold Zone.  Food is served cafeteria style, and you pay by how much your plate weighs.  Food is good, and very inexpensive.  My lunch was 50 pesos including a liter of barley water (don’t knock it – it’s good!).

Tummy full and no longer rumbling, I caught the bus back home.  Checked the fitbit and it said I’d only walked 6,000 steps!  I think it lies to me!  I know I walked a LONG way from the bank to Soriana.  So I decided that I’d show my fitbit, and rode the bus to the end of the line.  The end of the bus line is the base of El Faro (the lighthouse), so I did my favorite walk in reverse today!  El Faro to Olas Altas to Centro to home!  I hit a little over 11,000 steps by the end, so I’m good to go on my exercise!

Just a little more packing needed and I’m ready for the trip tomorrow!  I’ll be sure to give updates when I return on Monday, and maybe post a few pictures of Guadalajara and Tlaquepaque!

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