18 December, 2018

Fairly new restaurant in town, Piccola Roma. It’s in the building next door to, and just South of, the Best Western Freeman Hotel in Olas Altas. Open about a month now – people are already talking about it.

I made a visit last night, and ordered a pepperoni pizza and a límonada. Here are my thoughts.

Pizza. Thin, crispy crust. Sauce was good and there was a sufficient amount. Cheese covered the pie nicely. Pepperoni was not greasy, and there was plenty. Price was about average (around 200 pesos/$10 usd). Served hot, and timely. The one, and only, complaint I have is that Piccola Roma shows a wood fired pizza oven in their media. You’d never know by tasting the pie. I don’t know what wood they’re using, but I could detect absolutely no smoke on the pie at all. I was disappointed. Without the smoke, the pie was of comparable quality to that of Via Condotti. Both have very tasty thin crust pies. If Piccola Roma‘s pie had any smoke flavor it would set it a step above the competition.

Límonada. Something was just a little off, because it tasted a tad soapy. Perhaps the glass hadn’t been rinsed enough? Drinkable, but it was about 8 oz and 30 pesos, which is what I pay for a liter of fresh squeezed absolutely amazing límonada at the mercado. I would have ordered a beer, but selections are very limited and I didn’t see either my Negra Modelo or a Bohemia Oscura on the menu.

Service. Attentive – and the order placed was the order I received. Everything moved at a nice pace – not rushed or abandoned.

I will definitely go back, but my expectations will be a little lower. They have both a chicken cacciatore and lasagna on the menu, and I’d like to give both a try. Definitely a place for those closer than Via Condotti.

I would give them 4 stars out of 5 for my first visit.

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