27 December, 2018

I really have to stop doing this to myself. I’ve been doing the Chinese food thing on Christmas for a few years now, and thought I’d continue the tradition here. After a two-cruise-ship tourist aide shift I stopped at the joint across from the mercado. It was just so over the top bad. When I got to plate level, I discovered a pool of gloopy sauce where the noodles had been. Ugh.

Horribly bad Chinese food for Christmas lunch

Mazatlán Tourist Aide shift was busy, even though our sign up sheet had a lot of names on it. I had quite a few questions from the cruise ship passengers. Most frequent question so far, just barely edging out, “Where are bathrooms”, is “So, you LIVE here in Mazatlán?”. Most fun tourists were the family where the mother didn’t want to eat or drink anything for fear of getting sick. I told her she needed to remember that a lot of the produce for sale in the USA is grown in México, and the daughter said, “See mom, I told you so!”. I pointed them towards some of the more tourist oriented Méxican restaurants, and didn’t suggest my usual “have fun eating really good food on slanted tables” option upstairs in the mercado.

Yesterday I decided to continue the pain, and did my walk along Paseo Centenario. We’re full into the tourist season now, and the area was hopping with pulmonias (Mazatlán’s golf cart taxis) and aurigas (red trucks with benches in the bed to fit big families) full of tourists. Nice for businesses, but my serene walks are over for a few more months 🙂 A few more pictures of the views follow, for those who haven’t read my previous posts.

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