31 December, 2018

Another walk down Paseo Centenario way today. I enjoy the walk. I enjoy the views. I enjoy the quick stop at La Marea for a michelada. And, it gets me my 10,000 steps for the day.

They’re setting up for new year’s eve fireworks tonight. I think I remember seeing that tickets at a table on the malecon were $200, and there are 10 seats at each table. There were a LOT of tables being set up today! Streets were blocked off to traffic, but those on foot were seeming to find their way to the popular breakfast spots!

Setting up tables and chairs for the evenings new year’s eve fireworks.
New year’s eve fireworks, 2018

There’s a back road down the hill from La Marea that I haven’t wandered, so I did it today. It’s a little steep – I don’t think I would want to walk up it, but down was good. Put me a block off my usual route once back in Olas Altas.

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