12 February, 2019

Yesterday was a nice, but short trip to La Isla de la Piedra (Stone Island). I was a little late getting started, so I didn’t get over there until 10:15 am. Gave up on having a walk and just made a beeline to my favorite place Restaurante Lety’s. Two other tables, so it was nice and uncrowded. A Bohemia Oscura, nachos, and another Bohemia – and now all the tables on the beach are occupied! That happened quickly! Oh, it was two hours! Well, that time was enjoyable, but went by fast! Strangely, there were NO tables at either of the restaurants next to Lety’s. Victor’s didn’t even seem to be open! I know Lety’s has an excellent reputation with all the NOB tourists/ex-pats, but you’d think that the other places would have a little business anyway! Places closer to the embarcadero were busy, but not so much down on Lety’s end. 🙂

It’s now too busy for me, and I don’t want another beer – so time to head home! This time the panga pulled away from the dock as I arrived and didn’t come back … no big deal, I don’t have anyplace to be anytime soon 🙂 Only about 5 minutes to wait for the next arrival, so I’m good to go. When we docked I decided I hadn’t walked nearly enough, so I thought I’d take the long way and walk home. I did my paseo centenario walk in reverse, starting from the embarcadero playa sur, up paseo centenario, through Olas Altas, Plazuela Machado, Plazuela Republica and then home. Home to my couch and what turned out to be a 2 hour nap!

After my last couple of posts I realized that I’d been to Naokitchenbar for dinner! I had their ‘Ramen’. It’s a nice tonkatsu. I have a favorite place in Seattle for tonkatsu, Samurai Noodle Inc.Naokitchenbar‘s version only suffered (in my opinion) in two very small ways. First, their marinated egg was just 1/2 an egg. I’d like the whole egg please!! It was perfectly cooked and there just wasn’t enough of it. Second, the broth was thin. Samurai Noodle gives an option for ‘rich’ broth, and it would have been nice if Nao Kitchen Bar would have as well. Sometimes an option for bold flavors over subtle are more welcome; as when you’re drinking a dark beer with dinner. Dinner was excellent as served, and I would definitely order it again (kitchen don’t eat my egg!!!).

La Marea from Paseo Centenario
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