13 February, 2019

Today’s walk encompassed a big part of the Malecon! Everyone says the Malecon is 13 miles long, it didn’t seem like it! I needed to go to my bank to get cash for a new computer and some moola to pay my residency fee for the year, so I headed out through town to the malecon at the fisherman’s monument. My bank is almost at the other end, and after my banking transaction was complete, I decided to walk to the Soriana [old Mega] grocery store. I think that, added with the walk through town, was almost enough to make up for the part of the Malecon I missed walking.

I did notice that the new green rental bikes have a LOT of stations on the malecon where you can pick up/drop off your rental bike. The map at each location indicates that there are a couple of spots in Olas Altas (the beach near me), but they haven’t put them in yet. Perhaps a dispute with Baikas Mazatlán? I’m going to hold off signing up for their annual service until those stations are active, as I really don’t want to have to walk for 30 minutes just to rent a bike. I also want to see how the bikes hold up – I’ve heard stories of non-existent maintenance. And there are no helmets. Hmmm.

Now that my feet are on my cold tile floor, I can tell they’re burning a little … time to pour myself a nice cup of coffee and marathon a few episodes of something on Netflix!

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