1 March, 2019

I’ve been waiting to post until my residency had been processed, but there are at least another 10 days, so here’s a little catch-up post

Last week I had three tacos dorados con birria y queso at El Mono. Several hours later the fun began. I really don’t want to give up on them because the birria is usually really good there. I had a little case of food poisoning late in December when I couldn’t keep from eating my ceviche before it was ready – so twice in three months left my abdomen tied in knots for a few days. Both times when it started (and for the duration) all I could taste was red onion. So perhaps there’s a possibility that I’m developing a slight intolerance. Unfortunately I guess a little experimentation will tell! The tacos dorados were fairly greasy as well – which never bodes well for me.

This last Monday the Mazatlan Tourist Aide Volunteers had a little get together at the Aquarium (https://www.facebook.com/mazmessenger/videos/2080873105339023/). The Mayor, Director of Tourism, US and Canadian Consuls were there, and recognized several of the long time volunteers, as well as the group of us. They even let us into the sea lion show, and some of the local restaurants put out a nice spread to feed us! I can now say I’ve tasted Rin Rin pizza! I think if I ordered it with extra sauce it would remind me of Little Caesars. When we were done I decided that I needed a few more steps on the fitbit, so I walked home (night pics follow).

Today was another visit to La Isla de la Piedra! And it turned out to be one of the more memorable trips as the fog rolled in and changed the whole vibe. Made it pretty chilly as well! I told some of the vendors they needed to sell sweaters! I tried something new for lunch – yes, at Restaurante Lety’s. Pescado al Cilantro. It was quite tasty, and I even ate the cream sauce! So far no lactose reactions! I probably helped my good karma by sharing with one of the beach cats. He decided he would even lick some of the sauce off my knife when offered 🙂

Alas, the sun finally came out, the beach got busy with tourists, and it was time to run back home for a nap!

I’m supposed to have my residence card a week from Monday, so expect a post of the process at that time. Until then, enjoy some shots of Mazatlán, Stone Island, and even the main suspect in my last ‘lunch tired to kill me’ incident!

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