3 March, 2019

I’m not sure where México gets their fireworks, but the USA needs to tap into that supplier! A couple of years (decades?) ago, Seattle had two fireworks displays. You could position yourself in a few key locations and experience them both, and I used to think the shows were spectacular. Until I came to México.

Last night, the cars of those going to watch the show were parked all the way down to MY apartment! I’m a 15 minute walk away – and that’s 15 power-walking minutes! Both sides of my street were lined with cars, and there were no more spots to be had. Loco!

I again did the ‘lean out the living room window’ thing, and again the displays were readily visible. Not nearly what the following video will show you, but enough to receive some enjoyment without having to jostle my way to a better vantage point. And then I just have to wait a couple of hours and I can watch the whole thing on a nice video 🙂

One item of note. Many of our four legged friends are not as pleased with the displays as am I. Please don’t leave these family members alone while you attend the events. They need some tlc during, and perhaps a few treats afterwards.

Here’s a video of the Naval Combat Fireworks (Combate Naval) display last night. Tonight will be the Inaugural Parade (Primer Desfile de Carnaval) – Not sure if I want to brave the masses to see it in person!


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