4 March, 2019

I’m biting the bullet and cancelling my T-Mobile account. While roaming in México using T-Mobile has been an excellent experience overall, they only let you do it for 60 days before the nasty, “You’re using your phone out of the country too much. Go home or we’ll cut you off” messages start. At 90 days they cut you off. Don’t believe the uninformed customer service reps that tell you everything will be all right. They won’t. I asked two customer service reps if they had a “vacation” plan where I could keep my number, but not make calls – answer was no.

I have a Vonage line and I schelp the box with me when I travel, so the number I grew up with will still reach me – 61+ years and counting so if you run across it in an old address book don’t throw it away! You can still call me at that number! I have a TelMex number that comes with my internet, and I also have a Telcel SIM card in my cell phone. At less than 1/2 the price of T-Mobile. So mobile data and calls are still do-able. The only problem is that I have the T-Mobile number linked to so many things – and some of those things send me text messages for verification purposes. So I did a little research, and found that I could port my T-Mobile number to my Google Voice account, and then set it to send me an email of any text messages that come in. $20 one time fee to port and a $0 monthly charge. I can live with that. And it’ll replace my old google voice number that I don’t ever use, but get spam calls from Georgia on frequently.

Process to port required that I know the PIN/PASSCODE for my T-Mobile account. Their help page pointed me to a location – that didn’t display it. So I had to call customer service and have them reset it for me over the phone. Google is telling me the port is now in progress, and is estimated to be completed by 8:56 tomorrow morning. I’m fairly certain these things are automated, so it just boggles my brain that it wouldn’t be able to happen in a few minutes. Whatever, I’m in México with beaches just a few minutes walk away. I can wait a day or two.

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