5 March, 2019

I’ve been getting hungry for tortillas lately. I’m going to admit that they aren’t usually my favorite food, especially the corn variety. It’s part texture and part remembrances of trying to eat cardboard as a child. And tortillas in the USA always fall apart, so if you’re eating tacos you wind up with a handful of taco filling. Just a lot of fuss for something that doesn’t quite do the job.

Tortillas in México are different. They’re thicker, so they don’t fall apart as easily. They still remind me of the taste of cardboard, but I will admit, when fresh, warm, and rolled up properly, they do get the job done.

So when I was shopping at the mercado the other day, I saw a vendor with bags of the little taco sized tortillas. I bought one and thought that I’d stir it up and make tacos one night this week. Until I opened the bag. These are the strangest little tortillas I’ve seen! They’re twice as thick as the typical (Méxican) ones and don’t bend much, even when heated. I’m thinking I’m going to have to use them for enchiladas, to fry for tostadas, or to thicken soup/sauce. Weird.

After my Mazatlán Tourist Aide Volunteer shift today (lots of people asking lots of questions!) I decided to stop in the neighborhood carne asada joint (Abraham Carne Asada) and get a package #1. This includes 1 kilo (2.2 lbs) of grilled beef, a pint of rice or beans (with or without pork) or macaroni, a grilled onion, several grilled jalapenos, salsas, and …. tortillas! They’re up to $210 pesos now (about $10.75 usd), but it gives me around 3 meals so I’m staying within my budget 🙂 Plus, it’s darned tasty – even when wrapped in cardboard flavored tortillas! Craving satisfied!

Abraham Carne Asada Paqueta #1
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