6 March, 2019

My laundry had been taken hostage! Last Thursday I took my laundry to my favorite (and closest) lavandaria. When it had been weighed, and I was given the receipt, the owner told me to come back the next day at 1:00 pm to pick it up. Then she said something I didn’t understand. I did catch ‘miércoles’ in there but that was it. I told her I didn’t understand, and she just said to come back tomorrow at 1:00 pm. Ok! Will do! Until Friday, when I took what I expected to be a short little nap, and turned out to be longer. Ok, that’s fine. I’ll pick up the laundry next Monday.

Nope. Closed. I had walked past Saturday as well, on my way elsewhere, and noted that they were closed. Hmmm. ¿Miércoles? ¿Verdad? Yesterday (Tuesday) was a Mazatlán Tourist Aide Volunteer shift, so on my way home I walked past them – just in case. Nope. Closed. I’m guessing that they used Carnaval as a good excuse to take a short vacation. So, finally – today (Miércoles) the doors were open and my closet is now stocked back up! Lavandaria Denisse – I love you, and I will never put a nap ahead of you again! Well, I’ll try!

Lavandaria Denisse
(from Google Maps)

That didn’t get me 10,000 steps for the day, so I grabbed the backpack and headed out to do my walk along Paseo del Centenario. It was one of those, “I need one beer” days, so instead of following Paseo del Centenario down to the ocean, I went further up the hill to La Marea. Imagine my surprise when one of my tequila train companions was there as well! Said our hellos, and met one of her friends that is staying here 2 months this year. After the Carnaval festivities La Marea was out of both my Negra Modelo and my second choice Bohemia Oscura. That forced me to have a michelada con clamato. Sad, sad me! Michelada and a hamburguesa de camarón, and I was set for the walk home! 11,500 steps!

Hamburguesa de camarón
(not today’s photo, substitute a michelada for the negra modelo and it could be!)
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