13 March, 2019

First task today was to cut my hair. It wasn’t too long, but was getting annoying. Half hour in the bathroom with my clippers, plus 5 minutes of sweeping, and now I feel much better!

Dedicated the rest of the afternoon to some errands! It was sunny, but really breezy today. It’s been a while since we had rain, so walking down the streets was a hazardous dust-in-my-eyes journey. Stop number one was the bus station for my tickets to Puerto Vallarta. MANY websites in México take debit/credit cards, but only those issued by Méxican banks. I do have a debit card from my Méxican bank, but alas – the websites don’t like it. So I went on the website and copied all the pertinent information so the clerk at the bus window wouldn’t have to go through a lot of google translate with me (THEY pull it up on their computers)! Put on my tennis shoes and started the hike to the station. Google Maps says it’s 2 miles. Did the second half of the walk down the malecón, watching the waves and listening to the surf.

Pretty easy process, and I did ask for (and received, one way at least) the 10% discount they offer for online purchases since I would have done it that way if I could have. Didn’t ask for the 50% INAPAM discount because I know they would have wanted to see the card – that I don’t have yet (see previous post).

TAP tickets Mazatlán to Puerto Vallarta and back

Made my way back to the malecón. Decided not to use one of the publicly available bikes because I really needed the walk, and wanted to enjoy the ocean a little more. Turned down Aquiles Serdán (ok, I went one past and had to back track) and then made a pit stop at Las Changueras – Mazatlán’s “Shrimp Ladies”. Picked up a pound of 16/20 shrimp for 110 pesos (about $5.70) for tonight’s dinner, then on to the next stop.

Shrimp and pasta dinner.
Shrimp and Pasta dinner.

The Mercado Pino Suarez is just a few blocks past the shrimp ladies, and I didn’t have any chicken in the fridge! I also needed some horchata after the walk – my 10,000 steps fitbit fireworks had gone off around the shrimp ladies. So I stopped at my favorite jugo/agua place on the corner of the mercado. There was an older couple there (older than ME? Yep, they exist!) speaking English, trying to decide on what to get, and trying to ask the gals running the stand what flavors they had to chose from. The girls don’t speak a lot of English, so I butted in (it WAS a cruise ship day – I just wasn’t doing a volunteer shift) and offered assistance. After I talked them into getting some horchata, we had a little chat, and then I pointed them back to the landmark they were using to get their bearings (you can see the church steeples from a lot of places, but the opposite side of the mercado isn’t one of them).

Something has happened to my chicken kids. They haven’t been in the mercado for a couple of weeks now. All their signs are still up, but I think they’re gone. Could just be because the floors are still torn up from the renovations in the mercado, but I doubt it. So, I’ve been going to the place next to them. My property manager recommends them, and their chicken breast, like the kids chicken breasts, don’t have little bits of bone that need to be washed off. I’d gone to another vendor that has that issue, and am lazy enough to not appreciate the extra prep while getting my dinner ready.

Hair cut. Bus tickets. Pound of shrimp. Kilo of chicken breasts. Horchata. A little more than 4 miles of walking. Tired feet! Time for a siesta, then back to marathoning my Netflix shows! I’m thinking maybe I’ll go to La Isla de la Piedra tomorrow. We’ll see if I wake up early enough.

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