22 March, 2019

Began the day by running two blocks down the street to get my INAPAM discount card (México has a country-wide senior discount program)! Had a copy made, and got both laminated – for less than 50 pesos! Woo!

Next on the agenda was food. I needed my walk, so I thought I would go to Burro Gordo for lunch. On the way there, I changed my mind. Not enough walking. So I continued almost the entire length of the malecón. It was getting close to noon, and my favorite place in the Gold Zone, La Cocina de Ana, gets REALLY busy about then. Hopped on a bus and rode the last half mile. I’m not going into detail on La Cocina de Ana because they’re already too busy. If you feel the need, do some googling and make an adventure of finding it! If you have trouble give me a shout and I’ll show you where it is in exchange for lunch!

Back home by bus because not only were my legs very tired – but I was slipping into a food coma 🙂 Nap time, then watch a lot of news (Muller report done!). Finally time for dinner!

HORMIGAS! Ok. I had my apartment sprayed YESTERDAY for critters. Tonight discovered 1000’s of the tiny little sugar ants scurrying around on one of my shelves! Of course they weren’t in their typical place on my counter top – which is easy for me to spot them on. Nope, they were hiding behind pots and pans. Discovered them when I went to heat the pan to cook some chicken, and little black things rose to the surface of the oil. Thankfully I saw them BEFORE the chicken went in! Pulled everything off the shelf, washed them and sprayed the shelf with a little raid to boot. Then I spotted a big group of dead ones behind my step ladder. Swept them up, and sprayed that spot too! I noticed that I had my used pizza box sitting on top of the step ladder in preparation for garbage pickup tomorrow. Nothing crawling on it …. omg, it was a colony inside though! More raid! Tomorrow I’ll repeat the inspection/cleaning process, and will put some boric acid out. Spiders invade my house in Seattle at the end of every fall – I think I prefer the hormigas (those spiders can get BIG).

And now the chicken is cooked, and the rice is done. Time for a little comida and then off to bed!

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