29 March, 2019

Part of the idea of moving to México was to explore a country that was pretty much new to me. I’ve seen almost every state in the United States, and have been to several Canadian provinces, but I’ve only begun to explore México.

With the approaching Summer heat I thought it might be nice to take a few trips.

First I looked at going down the coast … Puerto Vallarta, Manzanillo, Acapulco, Puerto Escondido … and I may still do that when company arrives in July. Wouldn’t be escaping any of the heat and humidity though.

Puerto Escondido

Then I thought a revisit to Teotihuacan would be nice, but I’ve been there twice and I’m sure it will still be there after I see other places.


I briefly considered a trip to Cairo, but that’s not México, and flights were $$$$. Hotels there are almost offsettingly cheap though, so it’s still on my list!


Durango came to mind – The tour operator that I used to go to Guadalajara last time does a Durango trip. A big part of that trip is at a Wild West movie lot, and that doesn’t interest me. There are other things I would like to see in Durango though, so it too is still on my list!


I’ve been thinking that I really haven’t seen anything in México City. I’ve been there twice – well, been there as in driving through to get to Teotihuacan. Then it dawned on me. I could go to México City for a month and take side trips from there! If I did an Airbnb, I could even do it on a budget!

So, June in México City here we come! I’ll be renting a room and staying in the Juárez area, just off of Av. Chapultapec – close to a lot of things, including a metro station. I can see parks, museums, and even do day or overnight trips to Teotihuacan! And I’ll be out of the 90 degree weather that’ll be starting in Mazatlán!

México City
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