30 March, 2019

Mazatlán’s Festival of Lights (Festival de la Luz) 2019!

I started my walk around 3:00 pm and made my way to Burro Gordo for a late lunch/early dinner. Thirty minutes, one Muuu Playero and a Toni-Col later I was back out and about.

Virtually no one had parked themselves along the malecón yet, so I found a nice spot a little North of the Fisherman’s monument and started my wait. My vantage point was directly between two groups of firing areas, so I thought this would be a pretty decent place for viewing! Festival didn’t start until 8:00 pm, so I just relaxed, got a little sun, and did a bunch of people watching.

Everything was good until the sun made its final appearance. The beach breeze that had been so nice during the day was now COLD, and there I was dressed only in my shorts and a t-shirt! BRRRR! Next year I will either wear jeans, or I’ll schlep a hoodie with me.

About 8:05 the show started … I was right about my location. I’ve never had fireworks rain on me before! Bits of cardboard, and cold embers would fall after every POP! POP! POP! The view was amazing!

And the show went the entire length of the malecón – from Valentino’s to the Fisherman’s monument! It was crazy!

About 20 minutes later it was over. All that was left was a blanket of smoke that hung over the city (it really did). Until next year, Festival de la Luz! Or next week when there’s another excuse for fireworks!

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