6 April, 2019

Alas, the Puerto Vallarta trip is over! Took the bus down on the 2nd, and returned on the 5th. Don’t let anyone tell you different – it takes at least 7 – 8 hours to do the trip by bus. Not that it’s unpleasant. The TAP Plus Doble Piso buses are nice, and this route gets you a ham and cheese sandwich, cookies, pop, and earphones to plug into the entertainment console (some of which can be switched to English). Seats recline almost all the way, and there’s a contraption that looks like an ironing board on the back of the seat ahead of you that folds down and lets you lie almost flat if you desire.

Many trips to Los Muertos beach and Cuates y Cuetes for a beer or two and botanas. Some people watching from the pier. LOTS of walking around town. This trip I finally went into the cathedral – I’m definitely not religious, so it has been low on my things to do, but I got it done this trip! Just an fyi: there’s a sign outside asking you not to go in if you’re wearing shorts. I saw SO MANY people ignore it. Whatever your beliefs, you should respect their wishes.

I also made it out to the Zoo in Mismaloya again! I like the zoo. No, it’s not shiny and pretty. Some of the animals don’t look in the best of shape – but they bring in injured critters and take care of them, so don’t jump to conclusions and blame them for mistreating their animals. If you haven’t been, you should go and see it for yourself. You may or may not like it, but you should go and make that decision. 200 pesos get you in. Another 50 pesos for the food bag. I don’t remember how much they said to hold the babies at the end, but it’s worth it at least once. FYI: If you save up some of the little stuff (corn, pellets, peanuts) and dump them all at once in the last pen, all the pigs will stampede over to get a bite! This is why you NEVER want to slip and fall in a pig sty – you’ll be under the hooves of all those pigs!

Here are a few pictures for your enjoyment!

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