3 June, 2019

Adventures in Mazatlán – México City edition.

Made it to México City!

15 hour bus ride, easy but was not pleasant! From Mazatlán to Guadalajara the bus was full. Then from Guadalajara to Querétaro there were 6 passengers. Lost one in Querétaro so 5 from there to México City. I’ve decided that buses need to be like airplanes for me. Aisle seats so I can get up and move around every hour or so. Sitting in one place from Mazatlán to Guadalajara gave me a very good idea how people get bedsores! My tush still hurts!

The bus left Mazatlán at 11:00 pm, so no roadside burrito vendors in the middle of the night. We did stop for lunch though. I had a taco de barbacoa. Not too hungry, as I’d brought half a torta de pierna with me 🙂

So, the bus arrived at del Norte, but the youtube video I watched that showed where the subway entrance is was wrong. Do NOT go to gate 1 – not there. It’s outside from gate 4. If you look for the metro logo you’ll see it. Bought a few tickets and made my way to the platform where I took line 5 to line 3 then to line 1! The subway platforms are marked by the last stop in the direction the train is travelling – which the app I was using didn’t bother to mention! I’m now using a better app 🙂 But I did it, in a decent amount of time.

Now comes the snafu. And it’s ongoing and I’m not sure why. Google maps pointed me in the opposite direction of where I needed to go. I’m about 4 blocks from the subway entrance. After walking six or seven, I rebooted my phone. Still gave me funky directions, but at least I was headed in the right direction. It wouldn’t have been bad if I hadn’t been wearing my 50 lb. backpack! I hit my 10,000 steps as I was approaching the AirBnB (and that’s counting being on a bus most of the day)!

Have been wandering – yesterday down to the Ángel de la Independencia. Today to one of the Chinatown’s. Weather is a cool 75 with low humidity, and some afternoon rain. My sinuses are having fun with the smog and have given me a sore throat. I think in a couple more days I’ll acclimate; or I’ll hit the drugstore for some cold meds.

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