11 June, 2019

Adventures in Mazatlán – Teotihuacán Edition

Took a bus from México City to Teotihuacán yesterday. I’ll be here until Thursday – enough time to wander around the pyramids! A few caveats with the bus – first, don’t believe the ticket counter people when they tell you what gate the bus will leave from. They’ve told me the bus departs at gate 8 twice, and this time it was 7. Ask someone when you get outside. Second, I wanted to arrive at gate 2, but this bus only went to gate 1. Just means a little further to where I wanted to go. Third, Uber. Just say no. App scheduled a driver and said he was 15 minutes away. Five minutes later he canceled the trip. The app showed the next driver doing doughnuts in the freeway at 11 minutes out. For 10 minutes. It’s a hike, but you can do a nice slow walk to the hotels around the perimiter – or pay too much money for a 5 minute cab ride. I paid 🙂

The bus I was scheduled to take broke down 10 minutes out of the terminal. Thankfully all the buses go the same way, so the driver flagged the next one (they go every 15 minutes) down. Just enough room for everyone, and an hour later we were at the site.

There’s a touristy restaurant called La Gruta just outside the gate behind the pyramid of the sun. I’ve wanted to go on my other two trips, but have never made it – so I walked over and had some dinner. La Gruta’s dining room is in a cave. Food was good, but not cheap. It’s still an experience not to be missed, and I’m glad I finally did it!

I’m doing the trip on the cheap this time (well, except for the cab), so I booked a $20 USD a night hotel/motel room for the stay. I read the reviews. I did. I didn’t think the no hot water thing would bother me too much. It does 🙂 Next time I’m finding something between the $90/night place I usually stay at and here!

Pyramids are fantastic. If you haven’t been here, this should be on your bucket list. This is my third time here, and I’m still finding new things. And I never come for just one day! So many things to see and do, you need at least two full days to fit it all in.

Just a note on prices – the bus is 56 pesos each way. Half price if you have an INAPAM card (senior discount card for nationals and residents 60 and older). You can pay the return fare at the bus when you come back. Admission to the pyramids is 75 pesos (I think I’ll double check). Free if you have an INAPAM card. I believe it’s free for nationals on Sundays (EDIT: Free for nationals on the first Sunday of the month). Don’t come on a Sunday – I hear it’s packed. The museum on site charges a small fee – not sure what it was because … it’s free with the INAPAM card.

So today is Tuesday. I have tomorrow to explore the site again, and then Thursday I’ll walk back to the bus stop and return to my AirBnB in México City.

May the fun never end!

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