7 July, 2019

Adventures in Mazatlán – México City Edition

I’ve been back a week, but with over 3,000 pictures it took a while to organize them! I’ll be sharing, in a limited way, and giving a little overview of the México City I experienced.

I’ve previously posted a couple of pics of the Juaréz area of México City, so let’s start with Chapultepec Park ….

Once inside the park, many options are available. The ones I visited were the Chapultepec Zoo, Chapultepec Castle, The Botanical Gardens, The Museum of Anthropology, The Museum of Modern Art, and the Museum of National History. Admission to each of these was 75 pesos, unless you have an INAPAM card (senior discount card) – then admission is free.

The Zoo – Something fun to do, and only takes about an hour to make your way through the entire zoo. Two if you take your time and read all the signs.

Chapultepec Castle – Incredibly beautiful and excellent views of the city. Well worth the admission and hike up. I went three times and saw new things each time!

The Botanical Gardens – Only one greenhouse, and an area around it. No admission to this though!

Museum of Anthropology – This one will blow your socks off! Plan at least 3 hours here for your first visit, and plan on going back at least one more time. There’s a restaurant on site so you can take a break and let the fire in your head calm down. This isn’t in Chapultepec Park proper, but across the street near parking and some food carts. If you do one thing in México City, this is the place I’d go.

Museum of Modern Art – No pictures allowed inside, but they have some sculptures outside! There’s also a nice café if you want to stop for a cup of coffee. This would be the one I’d skip if I was short on time, along with the botanical gardens.

Museum of National History – at the castle. Make the hike!

And there you go with the main attractions I saw in Chapultepec Park! My favorite was the Museo Nacional de Antropologia, by far. I spent a week exploring, and I only hit a small section of the park.

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