3 September, 2019

Adventures in Mazatlán, Road Trip Edition!

Took a plane from Mazatlán to Tijuana, where I walked across the border to San Diego.

The answer to the question is, NO. They would NOT give me a FMM to fill out when I left México. I asked. I gave them stern looks. I threatened to cry and stomp my feet. The customs guy swore to me that I will only need to show my passport and residency card when I come back into México using the same method. I’ll be sure to report back when that happens to tell if there were any bumps. I’m not a happy camper as I know that I am supposed to fill out an FMM, keeping the top part until I return. We’ll see.

Took a shuttle van to my hostel downtown, had some pretty good Indian food for dinner, got a little rest and then took the train to Los Angeles. From Los Angeles I rode the Coast Starlight to Seattle. Fun, and lots of great scenery – but it’s really hard on my tender little tushie! I need to find a comfy inflatable donut!

I’m seriously debating writing a full length novel about the staff and passengers on the Coast Starlight. Let’s just say that the following clip will not even come close to doing the cast and crew of the #14 Coast Starlight justice. It was truly an experience!

Took care of business today and got my car legal again (license tabs/insurance). Started the process of getting a hefty supply of my meds from the pharmacy. Did a little shopping so I’m not relying on the nice staff at Domino’s. Got Amazon to send me a couple of travel power converters, some folding clothes hangers, six pair of quick dry socks, and some extra memory cards for my camera. Filed for my Social Security benefits! They should start January 2020! Woo!

Tomorrow will be yard work. Thursday is adult beverages with friends, and then I’ll slow down and mentally prepare for the jaunt to Europe. I’ll be hitting Paris, Amsterdam, Munich (during Octoberfest), and Budapest – for two weeks. Travel and lodging arrangements have already been made, although the “Hive Party Hostel” in Budapest is scaring me. My “party” days ended in the early 1980’s! Lol! If it’s too much I’ll give in and spend a few bucks on a hotel.

And now you’re caught up on my adventures!

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