6 October, 2019

Back from the Europe trip and now off to México City and Puerto Vallarta! Thought I’d make a quick post about my experiences with the CBX (Cross Border Express) crossing between Tijuana and San Ysidro (San Diego).

CBX is the walkway between México and the USA. You need a ticket, which you can buy online here: https://www.crossborderxpress.com/

As a Méxican resident, when crossing from Tijuana into the USA, you will most likely NOT be required to complete an FMM tourist permit. Not only will you not be required to skip this process, you’ll be denied if you ask to. Yes, the Méxican government says that when leaving the country you need to fill out the FMM and retain the top part – which you turn back in when you return. NO, they won’t do it at this crossing. It scares the holy jicama out of me to not follow the regulations I know can result in my residency going poof, but this is what it is. The INM agent swore to me that no one would ask for the top portion on my way back – and he was right. I presented my residency card and my passport (which they stamped), and was asked a couple of questions (what were you doing, how long were you gone). Then I proceeded on my merry way and let out a big sigh of relief!

Also, when going from Tijuana to San Ysidro, you will need to take transportation to San Diego proper. There’s a shuttle company or two right before you exit the facilities on the USA side. They’re fairly reasonable. You can also call an Uber or a cab. I asked about buses and they said there weren’t any. So, if you’re doing the crossing to save airfare – factor in another $20-$30 each way, plus time waiting, plus the 20 minutes or so getting from San Ysidro to downtown San Diego. In the end, saving $50 in airfare might not be worth the trouble. Saving a couple hundred definitely would though!

Ok, I need to finish packing! México City for 11 days, then Puerto Vallarta for 7! I stay at the Lindo Mar in Puerto Vallarta – they have killer margaritas! The first one is always very tasty and doesn’t seem very strong. Same with the second one. I can’t tell you about any after that as the blackout happens and I wake up with vague recollections of the intervening time! Be sure to hit La Playita at the Lindo Mar when you visit Puerto Vallarta – and experience the margaritas for yourself!

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