28 November, 2019

I’ve been thinking about what topic to write about next. Having stopped at my house in the USA after the trip to China, I thought perhaps I’d cover what household items I brought/am bringing to México. The list is surprisingly short in scope, but large in items!

Kitchen. That pretty much covers it. You’ll bring your favorite clothes, perhaps some towels and bedsheets (but be careful – mattresses are not the same size in México as the USA or Canada), knick-nacks that Aunt Bessie gave you when you were twelve, and your favorite electric toothbrush … those are a given. What you’ll regret not bringing, and will return NOB (North Of the Border) to get, are all things kitchen. Pots. Pans. Mixers. Coffee Pots. Grinders. Silverware. Storage containers. Strainers. Salad spinners. Cast iron skillets. BRING them all.

I don’t know what the Méxican fascination is with cheap aluminum pots and pans. They bend if your hot water is too hot! And if you can find heavy duty items, they’ll be at a price out of a rich-and-famous catalog! I bought a set of silverware from Coppel that didn’t even survive 6 months! Out of all the kitchen items, only every day dishes are sturdy and readily available. I like to make my own bread, so my kitchenaid mixer is sorely missed in my Méxican kitchen. I did find a dutch oven (it’s what I bake my bread in), but had to go to Amazon.com.mx to get it; the local places didn’t know what I was talking about, even after showing them a picture of it! And forget about quality tongs, scoops, and heat resistant spatulas! I can barely find those in the USA!

People will tell you to sell everything and use the money to buy new in México. This doesn’t work with kitchen things. Bring them. Box them up. Pack them in big suitcases. Wrap fragile things with good dish towels. When your spouse starts asking what you’re doing, give them THE LOOK. Believe me on this one! And if you’re moving in stages, schlep the empty suitcases with you when you go back North so you can load them up with more things kitchen!

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