3 January, 2020

Happy new year to all! I arrived home in time to lean out my window and watch the fireworks display – all 5 minutes of it! To give them credit, it was raining and cold (by Mazatlán standards). The show was really nice. They were selling seats at tables for $400 pesos a pop but I swear they were half that last year.

Today is going to be a mix of topics. First, I want to give you a breakdown of grocery prices. There are many items that are comparable to prices in the USA – such as coffee and bread (loaves of Bimbo bread are like Wonder bread in the USA). Most fruits and veggies are considerably less though. I spent the equivalent of $14.29 USD to purchase these items (not the glasses, knives, and silverware!) …

Grocery day – $14.29 USD
Grocery price breakdown

I usually go shopping three times a week, so things in my fridge are usually pretty fresh. When I’m not on my diet (which I am now) I’ll buy things like fish sticks and frozen chicken nuggets … they’re surprisingly cheap as well, and quite tasty – but definitely not good for my waistline!

Ok. Second topic! I’m trying to work off the 15 lbs I gained over the last 3 months of traveling (don’t ask – it was really easy to gain them), so I’ve been doing my walks every day since getting home. 10,000 steps minimum and making sure my calorie intake is under 1,500 a day should get me back to where I want to be in a couple of months. Anyway, I was walking on Paseo del Centenario today and took a good look at what I thought was a house under construction. They’ve been working on it for months now, and today there was a facade with a clue to what it is going to be! To tell the truth, I’m pretty excited as it’ll be a great place to visit when you just need to get out and enjoy Mazatlán.

A place to know the past and enjoy the present

It took me a moment to notice the tracks going up the hill – and the cable car at the top! It looks like there’s going to be a museum at street level and a lookout spot at the top with a funicular schlepping people back and forth! And the view from the top is amazing. Here’s just part of what you can see from the bottom – the top is better!

View from Paseo del Centenario

It looks like they’re almost done – so I’d say two or three more months. Give it a look next time you’re near Paseo del Centenario!

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