10 January, 2020

Stressful beginning to the week as it was time for the residency renewal! I’m going to skip a post about the process until I have my card in hand.

The one thing I will say, is that if you’re in Mazatlán it will more than pay you back in time/trouble to visit Holga and have her fill out your paperwork. She’s a block down the street at the tienda with the red coke awning. They also wanted to see my bank statements for a renewal – something which a few immigration offices ask for, so be sure to bring them and be sure they’re adequate for the current year’s financial requirements.

Tried a new restaurant in Centro Historico the other night – La Molcajetería Cocina Mexicana. It’s on Constitución between Venus and Niños Héroes, just off Olas Altas. Food was good, atmosphere fun, service good. They have a variety of molcajetes. The ‘drunken’ sauce is the hot one if you like spicy! I got the mixed one – shrimp and beef. Also had green onion, nopales and queso fresco. $200 pesos. Wasn’t as ‘flashy’ as I remember the presentation at Sr. Frogs – but it was definitely worth the price.

And since this is a short post, here’s something nice to listen to!

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