14 February, 2020

I thought I’d finish my Mercado Pino Suarez vendor post by showing a few more of the places I buy from.

Mercado Pino Suarez - Chicken
Mercado Pino Suarez – Chicken

My chicken place is having a “tough” time with chicken breasts lately. The last two times I swear they’ve given me rooster. They’re incredibly tough. Hopefully this changes because I like them, and their prices are good (and they display them).

Mercado Pino Suarez - Machaca
Mercado Pino Suarez – Machaca

This is my go-to machaca guy. He also displays his prices. I don’t buy a lot of regular beef or pork, but I do like a little machaca with onion, tomato, poblano and jalapeno for breakfast. It also makes a mean taco.

Mercado Pino Suarez - Beverages
Mercado Pino Suarez – Beverages

And finally, the place I grab a límonada or horchata from. They’re cheaper by a couple pesos than the places outside on the corners, but their beverages are a little more watered down. I don’t mind the slightly milder flavor.

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