31 March, 2020

Went to the bank and the store today! Way too many people out that aren’t practicing social distancing! My grocery store did have markings on the floor for people to stay away from each other but they were not 6 feet apart, more like 3. But – I found everything I was looking for, except for 30 Liter trash bags. Getting short on them, but I have a bunch of small grocery bags I can use if I run out. I swung through the mercado between the bank and the grocery, and it was ‘holiday’ busy. About 1/3 to 1/2 the number of usual bodies. Not 6 feet apart, and most had no masks. I think this will change soon. I need to revisit the mercado in the next day or two to pick up meat and chicken. Maybe I could go at 9:30 am and avoid the maddening crowd!

If you’re from the USA and still maintain your presence there – 2020 is a census year. You may or may not have received the flyer from them with the questions/instructions. I use ‘informed delivery’ from the US Postal Service so they scan and email me pictures of the mail I’m supposed to be getting. Of course this piece was scanned, but never made it to my forwarding mailbox. You can, however, fill out the questionnaire online! Sort of. Maybe. If you play tricks.

The Census website is: https://my2020census.gov/ . If you go there from a computer in México however, it’s going to tell you your session was terminated for security reasons. You will either need to remote to a computer in the USA, or use VPN software to spoof your location. Many of you use a VPN already so you can receive US television, so for most this won’t be a problem. In addition to a VPN (I use https://www.smartdnsproxy.com/ ), I also have Remote PC ( https://www.remotepc.com/ ) which allows me to log into my computer back in Seattle – yes, I leave it turned on. So that’s what I did. Remote to my computer in Seattle, log into the census site, fill out the questionnaire, easy and done!

It was nice to get out, and I got in 5,000 steps! That hasn’t happened in a couple of weeks! Tomorrow I’ll do the mercado run, and then maybe Thursday or Friday I’ll pick a remote route to do a walk.

Oh – don’t forget that México changes it’s clocks on the 5th of April! Mazatlán will move back to the US Mountain timezone time so change your clocks!

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