14 April, 2020

Sinaloa and it’s neighboring state to the South, Nayarit, have instituted a ban on alcohol sales during the “stay at home” times. Evidently too many people were having little neighborhood parties and ignoring the mandate to isolate.

I’m not bothered in the least by this – I have a beer or two when I go to the beach, but I don’t keep anything in my apartment. But it’s quickly becoming the number one gripe in the Mazatlán Facebook groups!

I’m going to say it now – if you can’t handle being without alcohol for a few weeks, it might be likely you could benefit from talking to a drug and alcohol counselor. I’m not being flippant, I come from a family with one full blown alcoholic parent, a drug and alcohol abusing sibling, and another parent who used alcohol occasionally as an escape. Alcohol is not a necessity. It will be back, this isn’t a grand scheme to deprive you of your enjoyment of life.

Please, if the thought of no wine, margaritas, bloody mary’s, or pina colada’s is worrying you – make a visit to the Alcoholic Anonymous website (https://www.aa.org/) and find some support.

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