22 May, 2020

Today’s update – the view from my window hasn’t changed one bit. I keep looking out and hoping, but nope – still the same. Occasionally I’ll see a big container ship in port, but even they have been few and far between.

About every 10 days I make the excursion to the mercado and the supermercado. I buy my meat and chicken at the mercado; sundries at the grocery. Yesterday was a mercado trip. They have the one entrance on the North end open, and were squirting hand sanitizer and taking temperatures as people entered. Tomorrow will be a supermercado excursion – perhaps to the Soriana/old Mega as I need things my local Ley Express doesn’t carry.

My kitchen light died two weeks ago. I’ve been waiting for the Soriana trip to replace it since Home Depot is just across the street. At first it was an inconvenience, but I think it’s better for my diet that I’m not able to easily cook in the dark! I have caught myself planning ahead on preparing late night snacks though, so I need to watch that tricky corner of my brain!

Termites seem to have stopped swarming – I can turn on the outside light without a cloud of them appearing now! I think the neighbors enjoyed the respite from the light shining through their open door. I hope they enjoyed it while they could!!! Lol.

My propane tank lasted two whole months less than it normally does. Evidently there’s a correlation between using the stove several times a day and the amount of gas in the tank! I’ve gotten pretty good at telling when it’s going out though – instead of the gas making a whooshing noise when I turn on the burner, it’s fairly silent. By the time I catch on I have about 2 days of propane left. Good to know when I’m thinking of cooking – or worse, taking my morning shower (my hot water tank uses propane too)!

The city is in the process of opening back up. There are restaurants still serving indoors – Hector’s is one; they have removed tables and cut staff, but they’re trying to stay afloat. Nao Kitchen Bar is doing limited to-go; but unfortunately I found that their food doesn’t lend itself well to the process. I ordered ribs and shu-mai the other day; the spice on the ribs didn’t come back when I re-heated them, and the shu-mai were soggy. Flavor was still good, but it wasn’t the same. I’ve been on a Tacos y Tortas Ahogada El Mono kick for a while … their tortas ahogada are delivered with the sandwich separate from the sauce, and they include lime and a bag of their infamously hot onion salsa. Birria is similarly delivered with the cilantro and onion in a separate bag – so they’re perfect to throw in a freezer or put in the fridge for the next day. Tortas with carnitas are $50 pesos and I think the birria is $55. It’s a great deal, and gives me a break from figuring out what to cook. Same with Burro Gordo – their Goloso will more than fill me up, and I’ve discovered their limonada is really good.

Ok, time to look out the window and see if anything is different! Wish me luck!

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