5 June, 2020

A few posts ago I listed some of the restaurants in Mazatlán that I frequent. This is one of them …

Times are more frequent when I decide I’m going to order delivery instead of go out to the mercado.  I’ve been ordering lately from Tacos y Tortas Ahogadas “El Mono”.  They have a decent birria, but their main offering are the tortas ahogadas (drowned sandwiches).  The dish originally comes from Guadalajara, and is a bolillo roll, meat, and tomato sauce.  It’s either eaten with your hands, or with a spoon.  El Mono also serves it with an onion salsa that no longer makes me run for the border, but does still make my mouth tingle for a good 10 minutes after I’ve finished.  The tortas with carnitas are 50 pesos, which is about $2.50.  I get four.  Two for the freezer, one for today, and one in the fridge for tomorrow.  Including the tip, I’m out about $12.50 usd for four meals worth of food.  I do the happy dance as my mouth burns with devil fire!

Torta Ahogada con Carnitas de Tacos y Tortas Ahogadas "El Mono"
Torta Ahogada con Carnitas de Tacos y Tortas Ahogadas “El Mono”
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