6 June, 2020

I couldn’t resist another food post when I ran across an article on Mexico News Daily’s website!

Pollo Feliz is my second favorite chicken joint. My first is El Pechugón, which cooks with a rotisserie and also sells little potatoes that have cooked at the bottom where the hot chicken fat drips. El Pechugón would be my ONLY chicken place if their spice blend were just a little better, and if they had a sit down area. All of the El Pechugón’s I’ve seen are take out only.

Pollo Feliz – very flavorful chicken. Dining room. Lots of sides to choose from. They would move to the #1 spot, but being grilled, their chicken is a lot drier than El Pechugón. And they don’t have the potatoes. But I do enjoy the seasonings, and the ability to just sit down, eat, and go.

If you haven’t been to either Pollo Feliz or El Pechugón, put them on your list of places to try! Excellent, but different chicken at an affordable price. And you can find them in a lot of places. Mazatlán and Puerto Vallarta have both. When I take the bus anywhere in México, it usually stops in Tepic, where I swear there’s a Pollo Feliz on every other corner!

Oh, here’s the link to the article on Mexico News Daily about Pollo Feliz, and the Mazatlán facebook pages of Pollo Feliz and El Pechugón:


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