16 June, 2020

It may still seem far away, but for citizens of the United States of America November elections really are just around the corner. Voting is the right of most citizens, and personally I approach it as a responsibility. Is the system flawed? Yes. Does one individual vote really matter? Again – Yes. Even with the problems in the election process, the system is still better than an anarchy or dictatorship.

So, please take a moment. If you aren’t registered – register! If you are registered, take a quick look and see if there is something wrong with the registration that could prevent you from voting. I’m not sure about other locations, but King County in Washington State has a handy form you fill out and it returns all sorts of info about your voting registration (https://info.kingcounty.gov/kcelections/vote/myvoterinfo.aspx?mode=BBDEDACBFBAAEA). If you need to register, here’s a handy site to use: https://www.usvotefoundation.org/vote/voter-registration-absentee-voting.htm?gclid=CjwKCAjw26H3BRB2EiwAy32zhUoKu8vnWCsWzfoIWn-VbYE_gJHMeNgdSO9w3UIn-Qd0idNK8Wr3TBoCSo4QAvD_BwE.

And if you don’t vote, you have no basis to complain. Think of going four whole years without being able to complain about something your president has done (or not done). I don’t think there’s anyone who can do it. So vote. Then complain.

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