21 June, 2020

It’s 10:00 pm, and 88 degrees in my apartment. That’s with my air conditioner running on dehumidify. My weather app says it’s 81 degrees outside – which is probably correct. I ran out to the street briefly to meet the Uber Eats driver who brought my pizza from Via Condotti, and it was really pleasant out. A little breeze was blowing and it was just nice to be out of the apartment for a moment.

Covid-19 cases continue their slow rise, but businesses are re-opening and hotels are slated to be open on July 1. Of course, that could change – but if it doesn’t, I’m assuming that beaches will also be open again then as well.

I will admit that I will be taking advantage of being able to go to my favorite beach. Probably not on the day it re-opens, but shortly afterwards. I go very early (9:00 am) and the only other passengers on my panga are the beach vendors. I sit, always alone, at Letty’s from about 9:30 am until 11:00 or 11:30 before people start finding their way to Stone Island. Once they begin to arrive, I leave – and am almost always the only one on the panga home. Most of the time I skip getting on the bus, and take the scenic walking route home. In normal times the only people I’m closer than 6 feet from are the people who work at Letty’s, and the lady behind the glass who takes my 30 pesos for my panga ticket. I think my routine is fairly safe – and I do still have my travel bottle of hand sanitizer that travels with me always.

In the mean time …. I’ve signed up with a Spanish tutor on iTalki (get $10 more when you add $20 to your account by using that link). So far I’ve had two hour long lessons and they’ve gone very well. I asked to be started as if I was an absolute beginner because I really need the grammar refresher. And since it’s a live instructor I can ask questions about the things I don’t understand. I also use Duolingo on a daily basis, but I find it’s best for building vocabulary, not learning grammar. I previously purchased Fluenz Spanish – In my opinion it’s one of the better language programs out there, but it doesn’t have a live person to help you out. I can’t seem to motivate myself to use it either.

Ok, it’s time to get some sleep – another day done, and closer to a happy beach trip!

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