23 June, 2020

I am going to take a moment to post this. Just saw a post in a Mazatlán Facebook group that indicated the poster thinks that México is the size of Colorado.

México is NOT the size of Colorado. It is also NOT in South America (saw that the other day too).

Before the Méxican-American war, México was even bigger (see second diagram).

México is NOT a third world nation, it is a Developing Market Economy.

México has a canyon system FOUR TIMES BIGGER than the United State’s Grand Canyon (google barrancas del cobre/copper canyon).

México has the largest city, by population, in North America – México City. Current population is around 22 million. Chapultapec Park is TWICE the size of New York’s Central Park.

9% of the oil in the USA is imported from México. Top U.S. imports from Mexico in 2018 were:

  • Vehicles and parts. $93 B.
  • Electrical machinery and equipment. $70 B.
  • Machinery and mechanical appliances and parts. $66 B.
  • Optical or medical instruments and parts. $18 B.
  • Furniture, bedding and lighting. $10 B.
  • Plastics and plastic articles. $7 B.
  • Vegetables. $7 B.
  • Iron or steel articles. $6 B. The list goes on.

Yes, there is poverty. Yes, there are many places that don’t have paved roads. Yes, some septic systems can’t handle toilet paper being flushed into them. But the people are extremely friendly, the country is absolutely beautiful, the beaches are spectacular, and the food is amazing.

Again – BIGGER THAN COLORADO. Pass it along.

Size of México compared to countries in Europe.
Land owned by México before the Méxican-American war.
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