7 July, 2020

I walked and didn’t ride the bus. I was one of three passengers in a boat with a capacity of 18. The beach was empty for over an hour. There was only one other table at Lety’s, that arrived at 11:15 and sat downwind of me. I was the only passenger on the boat back. I walked home from the embarcadero. The only people I came nearer than 6 feet from were Philippe and Ramon at Lety’s, the cashier at the embarcadero, the guy collecting tickets when I returned, the cashier at the fruteria where I stopped for some jalapeños, and the cashier at Abarrotes Sanchez where I bought a toni-col. All of them were wearing masks, as was I. I sanitized my hands after touching anything that wasn’t me or mine! I’m pretty confident that all of the precautions I could have taken were taken.

It was an amazing day at Stone Island! I arrived at the embarcadero playa sur at 9:15. Fifteen minutes later I was at Restaurante Lety’s, but they hadn’t started setting up yet, so I kept walking for another half hour. When I returned, Ramon took my order for a cerveza and some guacamole. Five minutes later I was good to go!

88 f. (31 c.) degrees and so humid mist was coming off the ocean – at 10:00 am! But there was a steady breeze that made it feel just right. Or maybe it was the Bohemia Oscura? In any event, my sole ownership of the beach lasted for almost an hour and a half! Tide was coming in slowly, and was almost up to the restaurant. I think if I’d stayed another couple of hours it might have reached my table! It was a much needed escape from the last four months of confinement to my apartment! If they keep the beaches open I’m going to have to do this on a regular basis.

By the time I left at noon there were a few dozen people on the beach. Beach vendors had been selling for about half an hour. Banana boats and boogie boards were set and ready to rent. All the vendors were wearing masks. The two boats that passed me on my way back to the embarcadero had some people in them – I’m going to say that if you have a covid-19 concern, go early and leave early like I did. I think another hour would have found the beach plenty full of people. Nothing like a normal year, but still – plenty of people. And no one wears a mask while they’re in the water or while they’re eating – keep that in mind too.

Restaurante Lety’s on Stone Island

14,000 steps walked so far today! And a two hour siesta was needed to offset the walking, and perhaps the cerveza! The top of my tan is a little more pink as well – hopefully I’ll be able to get back to my light beige glow and banish the blinding white! I think I’ll have to keep working on it!

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