17 July, 2020

The second kitchen store is a block away, almost at the corner of Azueta and Zaragoza. It’s more kitchen-ie, but many of their products are plastic. They had a variety of tortilla presses in various sizes and had metal, plastic, and wood. Termites would love the wood, so that was a no. Metal only came in JUMBO size, and a strange oval shape (someone tell me what that’s for!). So plastic it is! 140 pesos/$7 usd. More than I think a plastic tortilla press is worth, but I’ll be quiet. I also bought four small ceramic ramekins for the same price.

Then I walked the block to El Pechugón Mazatlán! A half chicken and order of potatoes were $80 pesos/$4 usd. Take another year off my life expectancy!

I figured I’d already been bad, so I walked to the Suaves – Malvavisco Cubierto de Coco. CEA factory and bought a bag of malvaviscos de coco (coconut marshmallows). I’m not a huge marshmallow fan, but these are REALLY good, and when you can get them fresh from the factory – well … 22 pesos/$1.10 usd well spent.

While I did walk past Marisqueria El Changuirongo and avoided the temptation of a liter of ceviche, I was waylaid by the Panadería Don Ramon. Two empanadas de piña waved to me from the display window and I gave in to temptation! 18 pesos/$0.90 usd for the two. Cheaper than the beach vendors!

So now I’m home, wet from neck to waist from sweating in the heat (not from the brief rain). One empanada gone, as is a drumstick and wing from the chicken. Whoever made the chicken today put extra seasonings on it. It is extremely tasty. Remember, if you’re in Mazatlán El Pechugon delivers! I don’t know about their locations in other cities – you’ll have to check (there are a couple of them in Puerto Vallarta. I know some of you also go there, so heads up!).

Ok, time for a little rest before I study for my weekly iTalki (https://www.italki.com/i/6HEbGG?hl=en-us) Spanish lesson. Didn’t seem to find time for it all week! I might just fess up to not studying and ask for a q & a session.

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