8 August, 2020

Just a short post for those who aren’t in Mazatlán, but wish they were!

From my walk yesterday. I was almost out of both mushroom soy sauce and gochujang so a trip to Toyo was in order. If you haven’t been, Toyo is on the last block of Benito Juarez, right before it ends at the Avenida del Mar. While they don’t have all foods Asian, they have a decent selection. So, if you are in need of some rice wine vinegar, or the aforementioned mushroom soy sauce, hit them up!

It was over 90 f. yesterday, but there was a really nice breeze along the malecon between Playa del Norte and Olas Altas. Very few people until I hit the clavadistas – where one of them was jumping! Here are a few pictures …

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