20 September, 2020

To keep you entertained while you’re trying to stay home as much as possible, I previously posted several television series that I thought were especially good. Well, Netflix has recently added some more and they are visually stunning, the content is informative and fun, and they’re about my favorite thing (yes, traveling is my second favorite thing) – FOOD!

  1. Taco Chronicles, Season 2 : Dear baby jicama, you’ve done it again! Tears fill my eyes as my belly aches for a late night taco suadero, or a taco de birria con un vaso de jugo! Please, baby jicama, take my hand and lead me to a taqueria! Fortunately for me, I have several places that deliver 🙂 The tacos de birria at El Mono are excellent and they’re only a few blocks from me. The only sadness is that they close early! Audio in Spanish with English subtitles.
Taco Chronicles: Season 2
  1. Street Food, Asia : The producers of the Street Food series (as well as Taco Chronicles) are video story telling gods. They have the ability to combine the storytelling of ‘Humans of New York’ with stunning videography, amazing locations, and food you swear you can almost smell through your screen. These mini-documentaries will not only feed your craving for food ideas, but your connection with humanity as well.
Street Food: Asia
  1. Street Food, Latin America : Take your love of Méxican food and expand it! Even if you don’t like documentaries – watch this series. Even if food isn’t your passion – watch this series. I’m not joking when I say all of these are simply stunning. There’s something for everyone in each episode. Laughter, heartbreak, and a ton of hard work and sweat – watch as their stories are told and your eyes are filled with incredible landscapes and foods that will never see the light of a diet.
Street Food: Latin America

Ok, there you have it! Each mini-series is long enough to cover a lot of ground, but not take a lot of time to watch. I will say though, they’re highly addicting and you might end up binge watching a whole series in a weekend! And even better is that if you’re dieting you won’t gain a single pound!!!!! Enjoy! Wash your hands! Wear your mask (properly)! Social Distance! Eat street food!

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