30 September, 2020

After watching most of the US Presidential debates last night on television, I required a beach day! I again walked to the Embarcadero Playa Sur, so I could social distance. I went at 9:30 am, and was one of three passengers on the panga going over and the only one coming back. Hand sanitizer applied after I got off the boat. I was the ONLY customer at Lety’s from 9:45 am until 11:45 am, if you don’t count the flies that are always an issue in summer!

It was a beautiful day on La Isla de la Piedra. My weather app said it was 93 f. when I left, and “feels like” was over 100 f. It was HOT, but there was a very nice breeze on the beach and the water was just a tad cooler than bath water.

There were a few dozen people on the beach by the time I left, but I think about a third of them were vendors. Summer national tourists are definitely gone; and the people working remotely, and with kids learning over Zoom haven’t yet figured out they could be doing it from a Mazatlán beach! All of the vendors I saw were wearing masks, but virtually none of the tourists were. It was concerning. On the way over to La Isla de la Piedra, my panga captain told one of the other two passengers that she needed to put her mask on (she did, no questions or complaints).

If you’re going stir crazy, I would say that a trip to La Isla de la Piedra would probably be pretty low risk, covid-19 wise. And the vendors would love to see you. If you go early and leave early you will avoid any potential crowds and still have a few hours to sit back, relax, and enjoy the surf.

Here’s a little reminder of what La Isla de la Piedra looks like …

I’ve had comments that I’m never in any of my photos – hence the last image! And the chickens just continue to confound me. That street is fairly busy, and yet they don’t become dinner! Every time I walk past that house, they’re still alive and clucking!

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