14 October, 2020

Growing up in the 1960’s, we did what many other families in the USA at that time did, and took summer vacations by car. Every other year we would travel to my parent’s family homes in Birmingham, Alabama and Storm Lake, Iowa – using a different route each time and stopping at the national parks, landmarks, oddities, etc. that we encountered along the way. We stayed at Holiday Inns along the way because my sister insisted on a motel with a pool, and they always had one. In all the trips we made, we hit most of the States. New England States and Florida were about the only places we didn’t drive through at one time or another.

Being in the South, and having a father FROM the South, I was introduced to BBQ at an early age. I’m not talking two hour roasted brisket that was basted with sauce. Oh no, this was the real deal where the meat was slow cooked in a pit – sauce applied only when serving. And pulled pork sandwiches had to have slaw. It’s a Birmingham, or maybe just a Bob Sykes BBQ, thing (https://bobsykes.com/).

In the following years, I explored a lot of the United States – by car, plane, and train. I’ve tried BBQ in many locations with pork, beef, and chicken. During my years in Seattle, I found a total of ONE good BBQ joint – Manna Smoked BBQ on Holman Road and Greenwood Ave.

Here in Mazatlán there was a BBQ place where, I think, La Traditional de Olas Altas (https://www.facebook.com/LaTradicionaldeOlasAltas) is now. It was there four or five years ago. I went once with some friends. The food was ok, but nothing to write home about and two of my party got sick later that night. We didn’t go back, and the place closed shortly afterwards.

Lately my Facebook newsfeed has been inundated with ads from a place called ‘Rub BBQ’ (https://www.facebook.com/RubBbqMexico or https://aquicomoyo.com/rubbbq/?fbclid=IwAR0LbvZpPS-Lh9OQeL4pZ7fuudNjAu9CLnIXSK-R79k5OwOmjdDevapwG_0). After my last experience I’m leery of trying another Mazatlán BBQ joint, but they have chamorro on their menu and I’ve become addicted to them. That they take 3 hours to cook is yet another reason to order them from someone else. So today, after Youtube threw a Pork Knuckle in Prague video in my face (https://youtu.be/yQ19mg2XTug), I gave in. My diet is officially on hold until after my vacation – and I celebrated in a big way!

Rub BBQ delivers. To Centro. To my apartment. Yes, sireeeee. And my google translated messenger missives and their attempt at a little English actually worked and I got what I ordered and in only 35 minutes! One chamorro ahumado. One Rub Burger. Two sides of chorizo. I wanted to try a variety, as well as the chamorro. It was a lot of food so I didn’t order a side of ribs (if I’m translating correctly, it appears they have beef ribs as well as pork). Here’s what I got …

The meat has a lighter smoke than I prefer, but you can taste it and it’s flavorful. The sausages are meaty, no gristle, and at 20 pesos each – are a bargain. The chamorro – three hours I didn’t have to cook! While I prefer MY chamorros, these are a close second. And I didn’t have to cook it three hours! The star of the show however, is the Rub Burger. There’s a ton of meat in there! Along with onion rings! And the meat appears to be a mix of rib meat, chorizo, and maybe even some chamorro! I thought it was pulled pork – but it’s not. And that’s not a bad thing! I will say, if they had slaw to put on it, it would have almost been perfect! Do be careful when eating the burger as I found a rib bone in mine. Their BBQ sauce is about the same flavor profile as KC Masterpiece. Not a bad commercial sauce at all. And while the papas were a tad limp by the time they arrived, they were really tasty. The corn isn’t the typical white corn with no flavor. It wasn’t inherently very sweet, but I think they boiled it in sugar water – which helped a lot! Bottom line is a solid 7.5 or 8 out of 10. A little more smoke and some slaw and they’d definitely get a 9. A vinegar based BBQ sauce and they’d get a 10 from me! I started eating around 5 pm, and I’m not sick now at 11 pm – so I think they passed the quality check!

Here’s a copy of their current menu. Expect it to have changed if you’re reading this post several months/years down the road! Give them a shout and give them a try!

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