20 December, 2020

Thankfully 2020 is almost over.  In less than three weeks, I’ll be home – back in the land of sun and warm!  At least once a day I open my door here in Seattle and take in the grey and drizzle, just to reaffirm my decision to relocate!

People are constantly asking how ‘safe’ México is, and I’ll tell you now that I feel infinitely safer in Mazatlán than I do in Seattle.  Crime here is skyrocketing and Seattle isn’t alone.  There’s a different feeling in the United States these days, and it’s not a good one.  People think they’re entitled to be nasty to one another, and the police have a ‘shoot first, ask questions later’ attitude.  Whatever happened to protect and serve?  Where are the rubber bullets?  And if I, as an older white guy, feel intimidated I can only imagine how minorities feel.

Now the vaccines are being distributed, but it will likely be several months before my number comes up and my turn in line moves to the front.  So I’ll quedate en casa in my little apartment, but I’m going to resume my daily walks.  During my trip down the Pacific coast of México, I saw a lot of great sights – and many of them were food.  The fifteen pounds I’d lost are back and I’m ready to get back on the diet wagon!

I’ve been thinking that when I get back I might make a few videos to show some of the places in Mazatlán I enjoy.  Until then, Mazatleco.com and their associated Facebook and YouTube pages will have to do.  Things are in Spanish, but you can turn captions on in the YouTube videos, and have YouTube translate them.  I’ll admit that Gustavo is putting out some great videos – there’s a recent one that he took at the aquarium.  If you haven’t been, this will give you an excellent overview.  Of particular note is the board listing events that appears eleven seconds into the video.  The aquarium has four shows (twice a day?), and if it’s your first visit I suggest you follow the crowds to see them.  I’ll warn you that sitting up front at the seal performance might not be the best of ideas if you want to stay dry!  The aquarium is well worth a visit.  I’m looking forward to the new aquarium opening too.  Not sure if they’ll close this one, or not – we’ll see!

Here’s the link to the video:  https://youtu.be/nzvwbG0pPrQ

There are also videos of El Faro, the Malecón, Isla de la Piedra, and a lot of restaurant reviews.  In fact, there’s a review of my favorite marisqueria (El Changuirongo) coming up!  Take a look at the Mazatleco YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/Mazatlecom/videos) even if it’s just for one of their sunset videos!

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