22 January, 2021

I’ve been back for four days now. At first I felt like the cold and drizzle followed me from Seattle. It was in the 70’s during the day, but I had to break out my travel blanket at night!

A trip to the mercado, and one to Ley Express and my refrigerator and pantry are restocked. I will now be quarantining in my apartment for the next 10 to 14 days. This time around I’m not going to forego my walks. There are several walks I take where I see very few people – and I can walk in the street to avoid them. I will also continue to wear my mask.

I walked to Olas Altas yesterday and noticed a few changes. First, the Brazilian buffet that’s been there for years (Encanto do Brasil – https://www.facebook.com/encantodobrasilbuffet/) is gone. I tried them once, which was enough for me. Not that the food was bad, but they had a fly problem – INSIDE. And they went pretty light on the portions. Just not a combination that makes me want to return. Their Facebook page says they’re re-opening in a new location. Hopefully they’ll be cleaner and more successful. Anyway, the place that’s now in their location is a cervecería called, “Cotorritos” (https://www.facebook.com/cotorritosolasaltas). Looks like there’s another one located at the Marina as well. Will have to give them a try in a few weeks!


Just a few doors down there was another new sign – La Cerve Fat & Cebas (https://www.facebook.com/lacervefatandsebas). Looks to be a sports bar with wings and burgers.

La Cerve Fat & Cebas

Yesterday was a typically beautiful day in Mazatlán! The rain had stopped, the clouds had left, and it had warmed up enough to be a little uncomfortable in jeans.

On the way back home, I noticed that there’s a new Intercam bank branch opening in Centro Historico! They aren’t my favorite bank, but they have my fideicomiso. Hopefully they’ll be open soon and save me having to schlep a couple of miles down Av. Del Mar when I need to visit them. They’re between Olas Altas and the Plazuela Machado.

New Intercam branch

Craziness in the USA has now come to an end, but the travel restrictions that should have been in place from the beginning are now going into effect. Covid-19 test required to enter for international travelers, and a mandatory quarantine (Haven’t heard how many days yet). Will make a post when I know more about the types of approved tests and the quarantine length.

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