27 January, 2021

Noroeste has an article about Covid-19 testing being available at the airport. Appears they’ll start with the antigen test, and they’re still researching offering the PCR test that’s required for flights to Canada. Read all about it here (use chrome, and translate it): https://www.noroeste.com.mx/publicaciones/view/aeropuerto-de-mazatlan-inicia-aplicacion-de-pruebas-covid-19-a-pasajeros-de-vuelos-internacionales-1221439. If you can’t access it, here’s a PDF copy in English:

I’m still quarantining, with daily walks at early hours and less traveled streets.  Yesterday I decided to explore in a direction I haven’t gone yet.  Yes, I know – I’ve been here almost three years now.  You would think I’d explored at least all of my neighborhood!  Anyway, I turned the corner going towards the CFE office and BOOM!  There it was in my face!  They’d been clearing the lot when I left – why is it that some things take years to build, and others are up in 3 months????  I’m not sure I’m liking an OXXO a block from me.  There are already 2 abarrotes and a panadaria.  And the mercado and Ley Express are both only 15 minutes away walking.  And it’s going to increase traffic to Marisqueria El Changuirongo, which is right across the street – now I’ll never be able to get a table (once Covid-19 is handled)!

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