7 February, 2021

Que Pasa, in the Gold Zone, is holding Spanish classes on Saturdays. 50 pesos for an hour class – not bad, PLUS I discovered that Genaro from the Costa de Oro is now working there! I arrived a little early, so I wandered to the beach for a while.

Tonight I felt like a little sunset walk, so I made my way from my apartment to Olas Altas, then down almost to the Fisherman’s Monument – and back. Almost 15,000 steps for the day so the extra calories I ate this week shouldn’t be a problem with my diet! We’ll see tomorrow!

My stove is getting more difficult to light, which is one of the signs my gas tank is almost empty. I think I might be able to get through until Tuesday or Wednesday, but a new tank is definitely going to be needed soon. I always feel sorry for the delivery guy that has to lug the full tank up my 35 steps, and the empty one back down – so I tip him fairly well. I use Gaspasa and it usually only takes around 20 minutes from the time I call until they arrive. One of these days I’ll get them to change the customer name from “Gringo” though!

And a little heads up for anyone thinking about buying a wok here in Mazatlán. Yes, Toyo foods has them – but they have some strange coating on them. I think it’s supposed to be the non-stick coating. I always use a little WD40 to remove the adhesive from price labels, and when I sprayed it on the adhesive on the wok, the coating came off too. Getting all of it off was a major pain in the butt. There was a warning label on the wok saying it DID NOT meet California health standards. I’m pretty sure the coating was why. But, now it’s gone, and my rice will now be fried easily! The last trip down from the USA I tried to bring my wok, but it’s HUGE and wouldn’t fit in my medium sized suitcase! I did bring a new set of bamboo steaming baskets, so that’ll take care of the awkward metal steamer whose legs keep falling off.

Ok, time to rest my feet. This post was just to put up a few current photos of Mazatlán for those in need of a little remote visit.

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