28 February, 2021

Before moving here, I’d been coming to Mazatlán since 2010, usually two or three times a year. I’ve been to a lot of places around the area. I’ve done most of the ‘tourist’ things. I have saved a few local things to do ‘later’ though … you have to have things to plan for and look forward to!

One of the things I hadn’t done, well two actually, was to take the bus to Colonia Juárez on Sunday for the tianguis (flea market). I think ALL of the buses to Juárez go past my apartment. They start just a bit before 6 am, and end just after 9 pm. Every five to fifteen minutes. One, and often two or three at a time. None of them have a working muffler! Anyway …. I’ve asked about the tianguis before and every time I do people tell me to take ‘The Juárez Bus’. It is evident that the people I spoke to don’t know that there are a good half-dozen Juárez bus lines.

At the beginning of the month I posted about following the buses on foot. I actually repeated the walk last week just to get a little exercise. All of the Juárez buses I saw were headed to the same spot, so I’m going out on a limb and saying that most, if not all, buses that say ‘Juárez’ will take you where you need to be to enjoy the Sunday shopping – but ASK the driver first, before you pay for a ride and find yourself somehow in Cerritos!

So this morning I hopped on the first Juárez bus that didn’t say ‘directo’ on it (I figured, ‘direct’ to someplace I didn’t want to be would put a crimp in my day). I took out my phone and loaded Google Maps and watched as we made our way towards the Colonia. There’s road construction, so the trip took about 15 to 20 minutes. Not bad for $9.50 pesos (around .50 cents USD)! If you’re taking a Juárez bus to the Sunday tianguis, you’ll want to get off at the Iglesia del Carmen. It’s right across the street from the Mercado Municipal Miguel Hidalgo.

You can’t miss the tianguis. There are a ton of vendors, and they sprawl up and down the side streets too. EVERYTHING imaginable was for sale, and then some! There was a spot that had car mirrors! Side mirrors. Rearview mirrors. Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors!!!! I spotted a bathroom sink and thought I’d post a picture of it making fun of the tianguis having a bathroom, but not a kitchen sink. Then I spotted a kitchen sink a little further back! Most of the items for sale seemed to be clothing and food. Fresh produce and lots of street food. Things were very busy when I was there, and there wasn’t a single spot to sit at any of the street food stands. I’d suggest getting there before 10 am, or going later.

I actually did take a lot of pictures, but later noticed I’d forgotten to check my camera at the beginning of the day. My camera has a little mode dial that often gets jostled and it was pointing between two settings. Some of the photos just never got saved. But – I did have a few, so here you go. These are both the tianguis and the mercado. Via bus, Uber, taxi, or pulmonia – this is an excursion you should do at least once!

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