17 March, 2021

No. I am not wearing green, my DNA is 1/3 Irish – that will have to suffice! Lol.

Uber Eats said La Rustica was having a special – 2-for-one pizzas, so I had to go off my diet. And believe me, I went WAY off my diet. And now both of the pizzas are gone. The beef I smoked, added bacon to, and ground into hamburger is back in the freezer. Tomorrow I resume the diet and will attempt to stick to it until I can fit into the new jeans I bought with a size 31 waist.

In penance, I went on an extra long walk today. It started to be a walk through centro, then on the malecón from the fisherman’s monument to Valentino’s, but then I thought about the pizza, and decided to make it a little further. So I walked to the mercado in Juárez. Coming up Insurgentes I forgot to turn at the bend, so I added a bit more. All in all, 1500 steps + 2 hours. I was going to walk all the way home as well, then I realized that with the construction to slow me down the coffee making its way through my system would likely come in conflict with the idea. So I grabbed a bus.

And once again, I learned a bus lesson. It was a nice bus. The window said ‘C.F.E.’ on it. It was heading in my direction. I gave the driver 10 pesos and started to sit down when he barked at me that it was ELEVEN pesos. He barked at the next three people to board as well, because they handed him 10 pesos too. Then he tells the last one on that the air conditioning costs more. Yes, it was nice. BUT the days are not yet at the point where AC is needed and we really could have just opened a window. I do recall reading something about the Sabalo-Centro buses doing this several years ago before the whole line had consistently nice buses. I think then it was 8 pesos for the old bus, and nine or ten for the new ones (now the Sabalo-Centro is eleven pesos). So, another thing to stick in my head … if the bus has AC ask if the fare is 11 pesos!

So I’m back home. Lunch has been taken care of. Nap time is coming up soon. For reference, here’s a map of my walk. Red is walking and black is the bus. There are just a couple of places where you have to deal with busy traffic – so if you want to take a nice walk, think about a jaunt to Juárez! You can always take a bus home!

Walk to Juárez
Walk to Juárez
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