30 March, 2021

Today’s walk. No bus. 17,000+ steps (just for the walk). A little lying prone and an 800 mg Advil and I’m feeling much better now, thank you! I’m having difficulty in sticking to my diet, so the walking is offsetting the extra calories … so far holding me at a steady weight of 141 lbs. 16 lbs. from my goal weight, but better than 20!

Today's walk along Av. Ejercito Méxicano and the malecón
Today’s walk along Av. Ejercito Méxicano and the malecón

This walk goes down a major street in Mazatlán (Av. Ejercito Méxicano), but one that people usually travel by automobile or bus. It takes me a few minutes to get to the street from my apartment, but once I do there are a good dozen buses I can grab whose destination is a complete and total mystery! A mystery to be addressed in the near future perhaps?

It’s termite swarming time again! I looked out my kitchen window last night, and my porch light had a swarm around it. So it’s staying off for the next few days. Neighbors can just be more careful on our very narrow and steep cement stairs that are now shrouded in shadow. If I leave the light on I find them inside around my windows. I have very old windows that don’t shut tightly. They let the geckos in as well – so I’m not eager to replace them soon.

I had my roof sealed. Happy enough to pay them, but the coating wasn’t evenly applied, and they told me that it’d be dry in 2 hours. I let it sit from about 4 pm until 8 am the next day and I now have shoe prints on my roof from where I stepped to inspect it. I’m giving it a few more days before I attempt to walk on it again. It’s supposed to be the 7 year material, so I’m planning on having to re-do the application in 5. We’ll see. I had a small façade repair that they took care of as well … they did an excellent job there.

Ok, off for more Modern Family binge watching (while laying prone on the couch)!

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